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Julie Buckley, artist
Lexington, SC

I have always look at things with a tilted head.

I have always looked at things with a tilted head, not seeing things as they are but as they could be.

A climbing tree became a fort or a pirate ship.

A rope became a deadly snake or a magic lasso.

As an adult, I walk the path of a children's entertainer, a clown, a character who often sees things not as they are but as they could be.

This fuels the concept of my art.  I look at objects with a tilted head, seeing them not as they are but as they could be, beautiful art.

fp promo painting (2).jpg

This is my 'Angel' by Julie Buckley.  I love when people see it, they move closer and notice the details like the wings are created from the pages of an old hymnal. Even the words from those pages have meaning for me

Just Love My Angel

Cathy M FL USA- 


"The 'Praise Ladies' is my favorite picture and catches the eyes of everyone who enters our home."

     -Tiki W. FL, USA


"Love the use of the recipes to make the 'Cupcake' extra special and the jewels make a great 3D addition."

     - Robin M. SC,USA


" I love my 'Morning Coffee'. It is so unique. Although I received it in 2019, the hidden message  it is a very appropriate theme for October and for 2020 in general. dealing with a virus pandemic"

       -Julia J. SC, USA

Julie's Tilted Art
transforming blank walls into conversation opportunities.

"The tapestries that Julie created for our spiritual community, Jubilee! Circle, are amazing. They have brightened up our space and illustrate the traditions and practices of our community in an artful, decorative and festive way. Her imagination and creativity are top-notch as she created each of these separate tapestries to flow together as a whole piece. we are thrilled to have this Julie Buckley original in our space for all to see and enjoy!"  

    - Rev. Candace Chellew,

   Spiritual Director at Jubilee! Circle, 

​   Columbia, SC USA

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